finance trainingAccounting Intuition is like a business flight simulator. It helps you to to master the foundations of Financial Management.

Our interactive game-like courses make it possible to safely simulate different options in business planning, whether in pricing, marketing, financing, logistics, supply chain management or other and to study their real-life financial implications for your business. The digital course includes models for simulating Business Finance. It makes learning easy and even fun, when encouraging people in game-like competition when real-life results of different actions become visible.

This ”Financial management for non-financials” is a CIMA Accredited Course (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants). It is suitable for anyone interested in business, finance, accounting or entrepreneurship. Our partner Metapraxis Ltd. has developed the Accounting Intuition course to help people understand core accounting and business finance principles.

Prodire offers this course for our English, Finnish and Swedish speaking customers.

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