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business analyticsProdire helps its customers to gain insight, analyze and simulate future business opportunities. Empower, the Metapraxis Enterprise Performance Management software suite offers the opportunity to drive business planning for the future. We use a technology and practices that enable a continuous, iterative exploration and investigation of the past business performance. You can learn from history.

The key to Empower’s success is the management library. It has been developed together with over 200 major customers to include the most relevant scopes of analysis and business planning. It makes the spreadsheet-practice redundant because the modeling is embedded inside the solution.

With our Empower solution, you get a ready made analysis of business variables and can explore their different interrelationships – and the analysis is based on accurate on-time numerical data, that is extracted from your internal systems and external data sources Empower identifies the true drivers of your business performance.

With Empower, you get interactive management dashboards and a range of powerful strategic planning tools to your strategic toolkit. We offer a complete visual planning and analysis solution across the following areas:

  • Board and Management Reporting
  • Strategic Planning
  • Scenario Modelling
  • Budgeting and Forecasting

Empower is developed by Metapraxis Ltd. It presents predictive information through scientifically-proven, interactive data analysis and through easy, concrete and relevant visualisations of business variables and their interrelationships, both of the past and in the predicted future.

Prodire’s Business Analytics (BA) references cover the following industries:

Financial Services, Banking & Insurance
Manufacturing and Distribution
Media and Entertainment
Professional Services
Retail and Consumer
Technology and Telecom

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